Drums and percussion classes and workshops

with Ruy López Nussa

The remarkable thing about his teaching is his empathy for his students. Intensive in the knowledge of rhythms and different genres of Cuban music. In addition to technique and sound, beginners learn a whole sonorous- percussion world, full of interesting polyrhythms. On the other hand, the most advanced ones can expand and deepen their knowledge on the subject.

Ruy teaches in Percussion and Drums:

  • Individual classes
  • Group classes
    (Classes are tailored to the conditions of each student, individual and collective interests)
  • Workshops
    (Usually they are distributed in several days and based on a specific subject)
  • Master Classes (just Ruy)
    (They are unique and are given for a group of people in schools, festivals, events, etc.)
  • Master Classes (with La Academia)
  • Didactic Concerts (with La Academia)
    (They are taught for a group of people in schools, festivals, events, etc. It shows the different types of instruments, and the technique, sound, exercises of independence, rhythms, improvisation, etc.)


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